An About Page

This is an about page. About this site, and about me. Oh, the pressure.

So, about this blog…



So yeah. That’s about it. A truly brilliant purpose. Although…

It’s a blog for English Writing, so that’s probably its purpose. Being an English Writing blog. That’s pretty exciting. Although it’s not about the English (well, not exclusively anyway. They’ll probably definitely get a mention), and writing is pretty much bound to make an appearance.

Now for me. I don’t like talking about me. I’m often told that I’m too hard on myself. So I’ll try and be the exact opposite, and fill this up with glowing praise of myself. Rugged, handsome, and somewhat brilliant. Pretty much what all true heroes strive to be. The greatest thing to humble the Earth since fire was invented. An amazing example of pure manliness and fighting spirit…

…or not. I simply do normal things. Or things I perceive to be normal (which normally others find weird or distressing) . Basically I’m a geek. Or nerd. Or perhaps dweeb. The classification probably doesn’t matter much. I enjoy science-fiction, as well as normal fiction. I watch Anime, and read Manga. I also read your garden verity books. Movies, TV, Videos, Games. And don’t forget music. That sweet old thing called music.

Yeah. That’s me in a nutshell.


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