Away and Returning

So, after spending a month away working on things, I back to updating this blog. My new goal is to post at least once a week, and hopefully about interesting topics. As for what I’ve been working on…


Over December/January, I began working on a project involving the ‘Fear Mythos‘ (which I will make a separate post about at some stage). Involving eldritch creatures and having a strong focus on various types of horror, the Fear Mythos is a concept that interests me, as does the way in which to tell stories involving these creatures and concepts.

My main focus has been a story told in a blog format, ‘The Things You’ll Never Know‘ (the first entry can be found here). It follows the Lovers, Matthew DeFoe and Erica Denmore, as they face the darkness looming in their past, as well as their future. Alongside this two other contributers, The Writer and The Prophet, interject in argument over the course of the story and the failed relationships had by the Writer.

Also in the domain of the mythos is a story I wrote involving one of these creatures, The Intrusion, being published on ‘Faces, Strange and Secret‘, a blog containing creepy pasta (short horror stories) involving these Fears. It can be found here.


Other then that, I’ve been catching up on reading and movies, some of which I might write about later.  Currently I’m reading Faction Paradox: A Romance in Twelve Parts, and I’m finishing up (or at least trying to finish up) the third series of Fringe.


Hopefully I’ll be able to post here a little more, and divulge into various things I’m working on, if time and desire allow me to. But for now, I’m just going to post this up and get back to things.


Poem: If Only

 A short poem I’ve written, with the title ‘If Only’.



Apparently there is nothing

and everything is a lie

or lost and gone from here,

away from there


Look around you

and take notes dear

child, as the sunshine of

life sets on the horizon


come over here

And dance with me among the night

through the soft, cool stream

where the dead days linger,


the memories of days long gone

like a thousand screaming angels

they cry out for remembrance

of days that should be lost


drifting like dry sand, dancing on

the pale breeze from Valhalla’s edge

they fly, like mad children

full of anger and sadness


Why is it that I look at you

and feel only guilt, a trip

of wrongs that never made a right

and long unspoken words


like some madness

or insanity, but

without any love

or without any fear


There’s something out of reach,

a shining light,

the Dog Star, filling the sky

so blinding

something I’ll never know


Do you?

Do you want to?

Do you want to know?


A secret

so sweet yet bitter

like a lime

or perhaps an orange


The words, then maybe

I’ll find them, then maybe

I can say it, then maybe,

just maybe



I can finally say goodbye.

A Post About Nothing

Sad as it may be, I have nothing of interest to post about. I know, it almost seems like I;m a wasting words, just throwing it up. But I’ve honestly got nothing interesting to talk about. Null, nada, zilch. I guess this is what floundering about in the loose palace of exile is like, a mass of days, filled with nothing but humdrum and tedium.


Though, I guess it does make it much better when something does occur. Almost like a fine wine, it forces one to savor these events, and make them all the more important. And it’s not like there aren’t any perks to such a situation, such as time and space. Having only ones self for company however can get dull very fast. Though like everything else in these fleeting moments of eternity, it comes to pass.

Boredom and Whimsy

So, I’m doing another more introspective post. I don’t have a clue why I’m writing this, or what I’m going to be writing. Maybe it’s the fact I’m listening to The Protomen and ready for anything, or that I’m just a little bored.



Though it probably is The Protomen and their awesomeness at work...


I shouldn’t be bored though. If I’m bored now, then what will I be like in ten weeks’ time as I prepare to go to University. I’ll be an absolute mess; a weird, twisted beast of a thing. Getting use to not doing anything other the searching the ocean of the internet and catching up on video games must be getting to me. I feel as though I can see all the wonders of the world in front of me, yet I’m just out of reach from them. I do wonder whether it is time to end my time on social sites such as Facebook and Tumblr, making my way back to the wilds of being a friendless hermit. Whilst they have provided me various things, I feel as though I’m not needed or wanted on them. Perhaps it would be better to disappear, off to somewhere new where nobody knows my name.


Maybe it’s just an overreaction and I’m getting something akin to cabin fever. Maybe, just maybe, I should get out more. I would, if I had anywhere to go, or people to go with. I know that I can be a boring wanker at times, but most of it is probably on my head anyway. All those years as a social recluse were for nothing, though I did learn a damn lot about pop culture. I learnt about everything from comic books, to anime, to television, and other, more general things. All this knowledge I’ll probably post up eventually, as I’ve already slowly begun to. Hopefully, dear readers, you won’t drown in it.

It'd be like this, but with useless information instead of water.


Now, we should jump back to the present. My days are the same, following the same pattern and same activities. Wake up, do same old stuff, sleep, repeat. I’m not sure why I’m expecting different. In fact this is how all my holidays have been for the last few years. Barring one or two days where something different happens, it’s always the same. I live a repetitive cycle of rinse and repeat, as I float upon a waft of whimsy. Maybe what I’m seeking is something new and strange. Something exciting. Something different.


Finding the TARDIS sort of different.

Right now though, it’s all okay. I’ve got The Protomen playing loud (and lighting up the night), my fingers egger to type, and my mind fairly calm. That’s good enough to stave off the boredom for now.

A little Slice of Life

So, I was told I should try writing some slice of life, stream of consciousness stuff. Honestly, I have no clue what to write. I might have interesting stories to tell, but none come to mind. In fact my life is, for lack of better terms, normal and mundane. Looking at me, I’m a clichéd, stereotypical nerd with socialisation issues, as well as being prone to bouts of anxiety and depression. Honestly, the stuff I do now is the stuff I’m interested in and good at.


I also don’t have many stories because I don’t go out much. From a period at the beginning of high school to early this year, I never went anywhere or did anything. I’d sit and read, play games, or watch movies. I hated my high school years. I mean sure, there were a few good moments, but you always remember the bad ones. Truth be told, if you asked me three years ago where I’d be now, the truthful response would be I never thought I’d make it this far. I could go on, in a heaving mess of angst and purple prose, but it would hardly make for quality reading. They sucked, and I don’t want to talk about them. I could discuss more past times, further back into past depths, but they’re tinged in a nostalgic glare of a rose colour, which is prone to inducing headaches and sickness.


So that leaves the present day. I’m sure there’s plenty I could talk about, and various antics and shenanigans I could shed light upon, most of it to the casual observer would seem rather dull. So this leaves me in quite the predicament. What exactly do I talk about? There is the future, I suppose. I mean, I’m going to the movies for the first time in two years, and then I’m probably being dragged along to visit the Museum Old and New Art (or MONA for short).  Though dragged along gives off the wrong vibe, considering the way it was described to me sounds like it’s powered on magic or something. Funny thing is, I’m extremely nervous. I haven’t done anything like this in a long, long time. I have no clue about any of it, and thing about it is making me anxious. It’s like a well of fear rising up, ready to strike. I’m afraid that I’m going to do something terribly wrong, losing everything in one fell swoop. At the same time I’m excited, which is strange, as I haven’t truthfully been excited in a long time.


So, there’s a little slice of life, mostly without the life part. Honestly, I spared everyone a whole bunch of wangst there. It would’ve read like some terrible fan fiction of my life as it is, with me being the mortally troubled and misunderstood Mary-Sue of the piece. Thank your lucky stars you got off with rambling instead of that. Now, back to your regular programing I guess.

A Year of Anime

I mentioned on my about page that I watch anime. It’s a style of production that has always interested me, and at times can be quite amazing. Before early this year though, I hadn’t watched anything anime related for around two years. But with the help of people (some of whom I became good friends with because of this), I worked my way back into watching anime. Then I watched some more. Now my collection is around double its previous size (which is actually still quite tiny). So I’m going to talk about a few anime I’ve watched this year so far, and my thoughts on them. So, without further ado….


Gurren Lagann

This was the anime that pulled me back. I heard whispers around the internet that it was amazing. I didn’t believe those whispers. And I was proven wrong.


In its most basic form, Gurren Lagann is a Super Robot anime, where big robots fight bigger robots. There’s also crazy plot stuff, and absolute sheer manliness. It begins with Simon, a boy from an underground village, who digs to help expand the city. He is often ostracised by the other villagers, except for Kamina, who he looks up to as an older brother figure. Kamina tries to tell the villagers that there is a world above the village, but they don’t believe him, and he too is shunned. That is, until one day a giant robot and a girl fall through the ceiling from the surface he had so fervently talked about. Escaping to the surface, Simon and Kamina push forward, not only to help free humanity from the terrors of the Beastmen and their robotic Gunman, but to push themselves beyond their limits, and pierce through the heavens.

Going any further in the description would ruin it for those who haven’t yet seen it. The animations great, the plot is good, and the giant robot fights are fantastic. I would highly recommend it if you want something amazing and upbeat, with a great sense of scope.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

I went into this knowing only knowing it had a reputation of some kind, often a very mixed one. I came out pleasantly surprised.



It centres around the post-apocalyptic (even though it doesn’t often seem like it) world of the near future, after creatures known as ‘Angels’ attack. To counter this, humanity builds the robot Evangelion’s to combat them.  Most of the plot revolves around the Shinji Ikari, a 14 year old boy who is tasked with piloting Evangelion Unit One, whilst dealing with his own internal demons. As time goes on, events occur which change the status quo, and plans take shape. Not only is there the worry of an event known as ‘The Third Impact’ to be caused by the angels, but the mysterious ‘Human Instrumentality Project’ headed by the shadowy organisation SEELE. It’s a good series with lots of depth, but it’s not for everyone and can get quite gloomy at times. Whilst there are fights with giant robots, they often take backseat to the story and themes. The style change for the last few episodes can also throw people off, so be warned.



Black Cat

This was one a friend suggested, and I was fairly interested, decideding to watch it. I really enjoyed it. In fact, it was pretty awesome.



It follows the character Train Heartnet, also known as Black Cat, an assassin for the organisation ‘Chronos’. After meeting a Sweeper (aka, bounty hunter) named Saya, his morals and values begin to change from those held by Chronos. When another assassin, Creed Diskenth, realises and resents Trains change, he kills Saya. This leaves Train longing for revenge, whilst also keeping a hold of his newfound friends, Sven and Eve, as well as his newfound life as a Sweeper. It is really a great series, with a good balance of humour and seriousness, which is balanced out by an intriguing plot.



Now this one is going to be difficult to describe. It’s Ginax at their most amazing, and pulling out all stumps of ‘what-the-fuckery’. FLCL (also known as Fooly Cooly), is not your average anime.


Naota is a normal boy. Everything is normal. Nothing ever changes. Well, not until the arrival of Haruko Haruhara that is. She runs him over with her Vespa scooter, before hitting him in the head with her left handed, gas powered, Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar, creating a chain of events that spirals out of control. Then the weird stuff kicks in. To explain it would ruin the charm of the show. It deals in surprises, most of them ludicrous and out there. But behind all the weird, often stereotypical anime shenanigans, there is a real moral and thought provoking centre; It is the story of growing up, of the world changing around you and everything going crazy and out of your control. I would recommend checking it out, seeing as it’s only six half-hour episodes. It really is worth a watch.



I’d heard a lot about this one from around the internet, mainly due to its airing on Adult Swim in America. It sounded interesting, and I decided to check it out.



The story begins with Mikado Ryūgamine, a first year high schooler who moves to the city of Ikebukuro, joining his childhood friend Masaomi Kida in attending Raira Academy. But Ikebukuro is not what it seems. Colour gangs roam the streets, there are whispers of a mysterious group known as The Dollars, and there’s a courier in black who rides the streets at night on a bike which sounds like a horse, who is known throughout the city as ‘The Headless Rider’…

It’s an interesting series, focusing on a large ensemble of characters that have deep personalities and motives behind them. It’s a fairly good series, and worth checking out.


Other Notable Mentions

If I mentioned every anime I’d watched even parts of this year, it’d be a long list, so I’ve stuck with the one’s that I have finished so far. This doesn’t mean that there weren’t some other stand out ones.



Currently I’m watching Cowboy Bebop, which is fantastic. I made a start on Hellsing Ultimate, which is now one of my favourite vampire/nazi tales in any medium. There was also Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt which was…strange. Not my sort of thing, but well produced with some neat moments throughout.


Anyway, that’s about all from the world of anime. If anyone has suggestions for what I should watch next, any at all, then feel free to comment below.




‘The Slender Man’

In recent years, the Internet has produced many strange new creatures that expand the pantheon of horror, and created new brilliant (and scary) tales. These are creatures of the mind, which are horrific in a sense not seen since the Old Ones and Cthulhu came from the mind of H.P Lovecraft. Hopefully if circumstance allows it (and if I stop being lazy),  I will talk about some of these eldritch abominations further, and expand upon them. But the one I shall tell you about today is the creature known as “The Slender Man”…


First, history is necessary. Originating from the bowls of the Something Awful forums, the Slender Man was created by a user called ‘Victor Surge’ for a paranormal Photoshop contest (the archived thread of which can be found here). Most of the pictures in the thread were of ghosts, or in your face horrors, but with the posting of two pictures, this changed.


"we didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time..." 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.


One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as "The Slender Man". Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.


Quite rapidly, the thread was taken over with pictures of the Slender Man. More pictures, from Surge and others came in, as well as stories surrounding the ‘Slender Man’.

A few weeks later, on June 20th 2009, the first Entry of Marble Hornets was uploaded to YouTube for an unsuspecting audience. The videos were apparently from an old documentary that was shot as a student film by Alex Kralie, when filming abruptly stops. A friend of Alex, Jay, is given the tapes, and told to by Alex to ‘Burn them’. Jay however, doesn’t and finds them in his cupboard two years later, and notices strange occurrences. Mainly a tall man in the background shots. And Jay soon discovers that he himself isn’t safe…



From here the vlogs expanded, with two of the most popular being EverymanHYBRID and Tribe Twelve. EverymanHYBRID started out as a health and fitness series before the introduction of Slender Man. It has continued over the past year, and is known for its complex story involving many different mediums, as well as ARG elements. Tribe Twelve follows Noah Maxwell, who originally set up the page for a school project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but later uses it a tribute page to his cousin Milo when he finds out that Milo had died. He begins to put up video from the last time he saw Milo, and notices something strange in the videos. Something that terrifies him.



At around the same time as Marble Hornets, the first Slenderman blog began. Titled “Just Another Fool“, it followed Logan, who finds out a friend of his, Matt, has died after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq. He then comes into possession of Matt’s journal, and discovers the unsettling contents inside that pertain to a tall, slender figure. This blog set the tone for future Slender Man blogs, and whilst it is now considered quite simple in comparison, it is worth the read to see how it began.

The blogs, like the vlogs, also grew, with two of the most notable being Seeking Truth and Dreams in Darkness. Seeking Truth follows Zeke Strahm, a cop who is on a case of finding some missing teenage girls. The deeper he gets however, the more he discovers, esspicailly details surrounding a tall, slender man. Dreams in Darkness follows Damien O’Connor, who lives a normal life. That is, until his friend Ted introduces him to Marble Hornets, and begins to act strange. From there everything falls down around him, in a continuing downward spiral.



All the blogs and vlogs I’ve mentioned are just a starting point for what is the Slender Man Mythos. With hundreds of blogs and vlogs, as well as a large fanbase, it is a thriving community, trying to create something of pure terror. Other similar endeavors, such as the Fear Mythos, have also sprung up because of these terrifying tales. I would recommend turning the lights out and reading/watching the tales I’ve put before you. Hopefully, you’ll then also understand the terrible creature that is the Slender Man…