A script in progress

I’ve been working on a project, which is in a rough script form at the moment, but any feedback on it would be really cool. It’s basically going to be an audio drama that is kind of Dai-Kaiju (think Godzilla) meets Night Vale meets other stuff. It’s in a PDF also, as that’s all my scripting program would allow. So sorry for that.

Here is the link for any interested parties:

Big Kaiju in Little Hobart (DRAFT)


Another Ending

Loquere non mortuorum

Ipsi audiam vos


I – Fire

Let us call this


Let us call it fire.



The First Gift


Rage like no other,

a gift stolen from

the Gods


The mistake

Prometheus made


Sanctuary and ceremony

The destroyer of worlds



red with anger

red with jealousy


Because jealousy

isn’t green,

downing and toxic

in its indolence


It’s red

The pumping of blood

The colour of blood


The world runs red,

the colour of jealousy


II – Emotion


The heart does




The knife digs

deeper with a




built upon a

throne, a

cascade of









III – Temperance

This is not summer.

Where is the sun?

Where is the heat?


The cold digs deeper

burrowing in, leaving holes

for the worms to get in


But they’re already

there, eating me whole


I want to scream

Let me scream

I need to scream


Over such a petty thing

Why am I so soft?

Why am I weak?

Why do I play with fire

when I only ever get burnt?


(Do you want to play with fire?

Do you want to dance with me?

I am the fire.

I am your hate.

I am your fear.

I am the voice in your ear.

I am everything you can hope to be.

The worst of everything.

We are the fire.

You are the fire.


walk with me)


IV – Wrath

Come, walk with

Me, through the

Halls I have built

In my mind


Know my dark side,

Know my true face

My terrible face

The face all the angels

In heaven fear


When emotion consumes me

When it takes me over

I become everything


I am hate.

I am wrath.

I am sorrow.

I am delight.


I am everything.


I am nothing.


So walk with me

Young fool,

And know my terrible face


V – The Liar






You who only

Felt pity for me


You who lied

To my face


Who left me

A broken cadaver on

The roadside


A feast for the



I never wanted your pity

I never wanted your approval


I only wanted your love

Only wanted to be your friend

Young liar


Tantum possum

sperare cor vestrum facit conlidam


VI – The Hangman

Behind the lies

Behind the emotion,

The rage,

The jealousy,

The hate


Behind the cold

Dead eyes I wear

Whilst my soul burns

In a grand inferno


There lay a final feeling

A final thought


A thought of nothing at all


See me

I hold this world

I grip this heart


I am Atlas

I am all


I see the days

float away in the

sublime, crystal haze

of memory


I hear all your

voices, so soft and proud;

so grand and loud


I feel the weight on my back,

bound like Prometheus

as I stop the

world from crumbling



All your problems

are also mine

I listen

I cry

I add your weight

to my own


Even though you may not know it

I carry your burdens

whether you want it or not


I feel every cut;

every loss;

every crushing moment;

as if it were my own


I carry you burdens

so that you

are not


Just Another

Harmony cracked; The vile cascade on the dead

Hollywood mission, where the streets

fester with swollen hoop dreams,

given life, and bred from

tyranny and mutation


All hail the Virgin King, he

who strolls through the desolation made

terror, smashing the brilliant

hand of Love Supreme


Taking in stride his obsession,

The Queen of Bones, whose

grip holds him fast


But perhaps this is

just another lie, perhaps


Death roams these halls.

Some Small Updates

Seeing as my school year is nearly ended, this blogs purpose of being specifically an English Writing blog is about to change (even though it kind of already has). The range of content will expand, and new additions shall be coming.


The first step in this direction is the addition of my Youtube channel to my blogroll (which is a name I’ve got to really change). I’m currently looking for other things to link, but this is the main one that comes to mind. I post random things when I feel like it on there. Maybe I’d get more views and stuff if I had a focus, but as it stands it’s mainly used for mash-ups and Minecraft videos. I may eventually add the Twitter account I got a while back but never use, if I ever think of a decent use for it.


The topics shall also be expanding, and I will still post up my writings from time to time. As it stands now though, I still have to finish off the year with exams. Which should be…fun? Yeah, that’ll do. Fun. But once they’re over, I’ll make an effort to keep this blog in prime shape. Except I’ve said that multiple times over several blogs now, so don’t take my word for it. Just hope really hard I guess.


So in brief, keep watching. Stuffs going to happen.



‘The Slender Man’

In recent years, the Internet has produced many strange new creatures that expand the pantheon of horror, and created new brilliant (and scary) tales. These are creatures of the mind, which are horrific in a sense not seen since the Old Ones and Cthulhu came from the mind of H.P Lovecraft. Hopefully if circumstance allows it (and if I stop being lazy),  I will talk about some of these eldritch abominations further, and expand upon them. But the one I shall tell you about today is the creature known as “The Slender Man”…


First, history is necessary. Originating from the bowls of the Something Awful forums, the Slender Man was created by a user called ‘Victor Surge’ for a paranormal Photoshop contest (the archived thread of which can be found here). Most of the pictures in the thread were of ghosts, or in your face horrors, but with the posting of two pictures, this changed.


"we didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time..." 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.


One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as "The Slender Man". Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.


Quite rapidly, the thread was taken over with pictures of the Slender Man. More pictures, from Surge and others came in, as well as stories surrounding the ‘Slender Man’.

A few weeks later, on June 20th 2009, the first Entry of Marble Hornets was uploaded to YouTube for an unsuspecting audience. The videos were apparently from an old documentary that was shot as a student film by Alex Kralie, when filming abruptly stops. A friend of Alex, Jay, is given the tapes, and told to by Alex to ‘Burn them’. Jay however, doesn’t and finds them in his cupboard two years later, and notices strange occurrences. Mainly a tall man in the background shots. And Jay soon discovers that he himself isn’t safe…



From here the vlogs expanded, with two of the most popular being EverymanHYBRID and Tribe Twelve. EverymanHYBRID started out as a health and fitness series before the introduction of Slender Man. It has continued over the past year, and is known for its complex story involving many different mediums, as well as ARG elements. Tribe Twelve follows Noah Maxwell, who originally set up the page for a school project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but later uses it a tribute page to his cousin Milo when he finds out that Milo had died. He begins to put up video from the last time he saw Milo, and notices something strange in the videos. Something that terrifies him.



At around the same time as Marble Hornets, the first Slenderman blog began. Titled “Just Another Fool“, it followed Logan, who finds out a friend of his, Matt, has died after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq. He then comes into possession of Matt’s journal, and discovers the unsettling contents inside that pertain to a tall, slender figure. This blog set the tone for future Slender Man blogs, and whilst it is now considered quite simple in comparison, it is worth the read to see how it began.

The blogs, like the vlogs, also grew, with two of the most notable being Seeking Truth and Dreams in Darkness. Seeking Truth follows Zeke Strahm, a cop who is on a case of finding some missing teenage girls. The deeper he gets however, the more he discovers, esspicailly details surrounding a tall, slender man. Dreams in Darkness follows Damien O’Connor, who lives a normal life. That is, until his friend Ted introduces him to Marble Hornets, and begins to act strange. From there everything falls down around him, in a continuing downward spiral.



All the blogs and vlogs I’ve mentioned are just a starting point for what is the Slender Man Mythos. With hundreds of blogs and vlogs, as well as a large fanbase, it is a thriving community, trying to create something of pure terror. Other similar endeavors, such as the Fear Mythos, have also sprung up because of these terrifying tales. I would recommend turning the lights out and reading/watching the tales I’ve put before you. Hopefully, you’ll then also understand the terrible creature that is the Slender Man…

Updates and Brains

I thought that I’d make a post here to say that yes, I am still alive (and have yet to join the undead legion. Despite their telemarketer like tendencies and persistence).

But I have, on the very spur of the moment, changed the theme of the blog to something that gives a few more options for me, the writer, and you, the reader. Also, fresh content may be posted soon. In fact, I probably should’ve posted something now that wasn’t incoherent rambling about trivial nuances. Or similar.


By heart, fly apart,

ready it, heady lit.

Angels coldest angled solace

all for you.


I hope that has whetted any hungry appetites. Unless of course you’re a zombie, in which case, you’re probably still hungry for brains. Well you can’t please everyone I guess.