Sometimes it hurts,

being all alone

and just wanting to

feel something



The lonely heart

bleeds across the precipice,

wanting you,

needing you,

but you won’t listen


You don’t want to,

Just can’t bring yourself to


and admit you’re lonely

because it hurts


I know that hurt.


(The hurt you cannot

feel or notice,

because I am nothing

to you)


Maybe though, someday,

we could be

lonely together



The Night

Night time,

City sleeping

Cool air, clouds drifting, where

The crisp white devil casts its

luminous eye on the scene


But night isn’t your time

with your drunken forays

through dead end streets


Where you all fuck each other

senseless, hoping to feel something,

anything, to make the dullness

less sharp


It’s our time


We roam the nights,

we work our hands,

we make the miracles

and the things of which

you dream


For what hope would you,

trapped in your daily hells

and mundane lives have, if you

could not dream


Dream of the heavens we build.


There are no kings.

They are dead.

Long live the kings.


There is no god.

He is dead.

Long live god.


There are no men.

Man is dead.


There are only us.

We rule the night.

The darkness shrouds

us, and holds us like

its lost, guarded children.


For there is only the night.

And we define it.

This One Goes Out To…

You. Yes, this one

is for you my friend,

you who stole my heart


I love you, for showing me

light, hope, and care


But I hate you, and the way

you left me here


You lied, and made it all peachy

you went and fucked another guy,

and fell for that green boy instead


Every time you long for him,

it hurts, ‘cause I can love you better.

He is there, ignoring you, having used you up

just for an occasional lay. Nothing more.

Yet I’m here, hoping you

will see me again;


Wanting to taste your lips again

Wanting to know your skin again


I want to hold you again.


You left me,

a cadaver for the crows

to peck at and eat out,

leaving me in the

tense void of calamity’s trigger,

to slowly be consumed by hate


Do you even give a fuck?

Do you give a damn?

I should give up,

because you will never want me


Just Another

Harmony cracked; The vile cascade on the dead

Hollywood mission, where the streets

fester with swollen hoop dreams,

given life, and bred from

tyranny and mutation


All hail the Virgin King, he

who strolls through the desolation made

terror, smashing the brilliant

hand of Love Supreme


Taking in stride his obsession,

The Queen of Bones, whose

grip holds him fast


But perhaps this is

just another lie, perhaps


Death roams these halls.

Song for a Desolation Angel

I know you’ve probably heard

it all before; All those words that are

used to win you over, but

I’ve got a few up my



Hell you’re cute, there ain’t no doubt that

you’re cool and grey, like a fine Autumn day;

A sweet, sweet angel

that haunts my dreams

and makes me smile


You’ve got spirit,

emotion, a raging heart

loving all who try

to steal a little piece of



I’m a jealous bastard,

but even I’ve got to admit

that’s pretty damn amazing

and you love who you love,

no point avoiding it


Emotion’s a bitch, that’s

for sure and I know

that it’s hurting you more


So don’t cry, my

soft desolation angel;

With your hair dark red and

the sweetest pouting lips

because I don’t mind


You think you’re bad,

but you’re not as bad as me, the

monster serenading you and your hand,

and even if you were, I don’t give a damn


We’re just as bad as

each other

and can dance until the

days pass us by


Until eternity strolls on by


But at least we could

laugh, and fuck, and relax


If only for a minute


Because you’re the sweetest

angel to cross my path,

leaving desolation in this

poor young heart

but it doesn’t change a thing


I’ll still be there

my desolation angel,

to dance all those

lonely, longing

nights away

The Fall of Love and Life (A Poem)

The emotions rage,

a dying cacophony abounding

inside this ever decaying sack of

flesh and bone


More than emotions


A gradual cycle built on

loss, lust, and life


Built on the essence of us


There was a day once,

in a city, in a park

where the sun and clouds watched

where new love sprang

and life was felt


Hearts racing, beating fast;

Hands moving over the soft, cool skin


feeling the cusp of her neck;

(so soft and sweet

wanting to taste it)


running through her hair;

(like a red field

parting it, playing it)


Lips meeting;

(the softness of a kiss,

a building lust for something more)


As two clung together

pulling each other close

trying to hold back the dark

if only for a moment


But then it is gone,

so soon is it dead

Because love never lasts

Because it is fleeting

Because emotions come along

and steal a heart,

whisking it away


Fuck love, and its grotesque

mockery of all things

good and ungood

in the rich, seething matrimony

of the lonely heart


Fuck people, and their

prettiness, and wholesomeness

their love, either real or simply an

act of grand design, more than I or he or they

could love

Like sinners wearing the skins of saints

because it is dictated


Perhaps, as a voice, this speaker is

bitter, and hurt, and lost,

because they still love

and it hurts

it hurts


They need to let go, but

they still love with all their heart

and that is what will destroy them


The heart is hollow, but people

make it whole and make it all worth

the agony

of life

and living

A Horrid Poem

So, I began to feel really horrid, and decided to write to channel it all out. So here’s a rough and pretty shitty poem that is bleak and not really nice. It could be read as being about depression, so if it’s a trigger for you, be warned.


So they said it would all be fine

that the world would be nice

that it would be kind?


They said you could be whatever you wanted,

that you should not dream, but work

until as hard as your back could break


They look, but they do not





Life begets death, and so comes

rebirth, ridden from the horny sunset of

defeat and ecstasy


You loved them, yet they

hold you back

avoid you

treat you like a bastard born and bred


You love with all you heart,

yet one word,

one phase to pass those lips

defeats you





They threw you to the ground

so far down

in the deep

in the dark

in the mud

drowning in its soft

squelch of decay


as you drown and slip away…








but speak



Not run

And run

                And run

                                And run



                                                                                run                                                        run


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                run                                                                                                        run

                                                Run                                                                                                        run 














And yet, no more

for no one will care

they will see a mangled corpse shell

and speak of you in good health

Despite what you are

Despite what they made you


They slip away,

and as you crawl up

a husk,

you begin to rebuild,

Become stronger,


Despite the monster inside you,

that swallowed you whole

you become stronger


Death becomes your mistress,

as you take her gloved hand, and

dance with her


You prove them wrong,

you turn to dreams

they make you strong


You know you may fall,

as you soar like Icarus into

the sun, bound together

by the wings of Daedalus


You give them a fight they

Will never




Because they are blind,

they see in shades of black and white

so give them a fight that will

open their eyes


Maybe then, they

Will finally understand


Maybe they

Will Love You

As you