Another Ending

Loquere non mortuorum

Ipsi audiam vos


I – Fire

Let us call this


Let us call it fire.



The First Gift


Rage like no other,

a gift stolen from

the Gods


The mistake

Prometheus made


Sanctuary and ceremony

The destroyer of worlds



red with anger

red with jealousy


Because jealousy

isn’t green,

downing and toxic

in its indolence


It’s red

The pumping of blood

The colour of blood


The world runs red,

the colour of jealousy


II – Emotion


The heart does




The knife digs

deeper with a




built upon a

throne, a

cascade of









III – Temperance

This is not summer.

Where is the sun?

Where is the heat?


The cold digs deeper

burrowing in, leaving holes

for the worms to get in


But they’re already

there, eating me whole


I want to scream

Let me scream

I need to scream


Over such a petty thing

Why am I so soft?

Why am I weak?

Why do I play with fire

when I only ever get burnt?


(Do you want to play with fire?

Do you want to dance with me?

I am the fire.

I am your hate.

I am your fear.

I am the voice in your ear.

I am everything you can hope to be.

The worst of everything.

We are the fire.

You are the fire.


walk with me)


IV – Wrath

Come, walk with

Me, through the

Halls I have built

In my mind


Know my dark side,

Know my true face

My terrible face

The face all the angels

In heaven fear


When emotion consumes me

When it takes me over

I become everything


I am hate.

I am wrath.

I am sorrow.

I am delight.


I am everything.


I am nothing.


So walk with me

Young fool,

And know my terrible face


V – The Liar






You who only

Felt pity for me


You who lied

To my face


Who left me

A broken cadaver on

The roadside


A feast for the



I never wanted your pity

I never wanted your approval


I only wanted your love

Only wanted to be your friend

Young liar


Tantum possum

sperare cor vestrum facit conlidam


VI – The Hangman

Behind the lies

Behind the emotion,

The rage,

The jealousy,

The hate


Behind the cold

Dead eyes I wear

Whilst my soul burns

In a grand inferno


There lay a final feeling

A final thought


A thought of nothing at all


A Mistake Made

There’s a hole

right in my chest

where emotion stood


A little house, on a

wide frozen sea


If I was as good a

friend as you said, if

I really meant that much to you

then why didn’t you say?


Why did I have to dig and

dig, knowing something was

wrong to find out it was

all wrong and

to drag out an explanation


I knew you couldn’t love me,

because love scares you

and I’m a fucking freak


I knew that would always be true


(have you seen him,

drawn, pale, shaped

like living death?)


You can’t return those

feelings, though I never

wanted those feelings



You didn’t want a

relationship; yet you never

asked what I wanted


You never asked if

we could just be friends


This drawing, clawing


like some





pulling me


and down

and down








I want to burn in this madness


I want to shine like the morning star


I want to scream

I want to hate you

and remove you

piece by piece,

so that it all

never happened


I want to burn it down

and forget your face


But I can’t

I can’t


I don’t think I could

live with that choice


But I can’t stand it




They say time heals

all wounds

but it makes the

loneliness show



I guess I really fucked up this time

The Great Parade

Come one

Come all


You want a scene?

You want a show?


Then step right

up, because it is

about to



The great parade

Full of colour

And light, with

An air to kill


Like a night at

The Grand Guignol,

with an opera showing


The music flows out,

a cavalcade,

a symphony


Are you ready for the show?


It swoons

It breaks

It glows

It feels


Feels so







Stretched out

on desolation’s



It is lifeless


Like you, dear reader

or perhaps myself,

the writer


It is all

It is nothing


It is life


And like that, it is over;

The crowed rises,

they recede


No wiser;

Not changed;



Nothing at all

The Left Handed Gunman

Don’t talk of him

the shambling man


In his long dark coat

and wide brimmed hat

who saunters into town


Step by step,

break by fragile break

he stumbles

on the ground


Akward presence,

betrayed by the darkest eyes


He is the left handed


warrior of the waste


The is no justice

or good in him;

Just death


Only death


The shooting irons,

hot and steady;

With a single shot

they fall right down


To his quick eye

To his swift hand


And they whisper

“He comes,

here he comes.

Death comes to town”


And they flee


And they scream


As the left handed


saunters into town


See me

I hold this world

I grip this heart


I am Atlas

I am all


I see the days

float away in the

sublime, crystal haze

of memory


I hear all your

voices, so soft and proud;

so grand and loud


I feel the weight on my back,

bound like Prometheus

as I stop the

world from crumbling



All your problems

are also mine

I listen

I cry

I add your weight

to my own


Even though you may not know it

I carry your burdens

whether you want it or not


I feel every cut;

every loss;

every crushing moment;

as if it were my own


I carry you burdens

so that you

are not



Sometimes it hurts,

being all alone

and just wanting to

feel something



The lonely heart

bleeds across the precipice,

wanting you,

needing you,

but you won’t listen


You don’t want to,

Just can’t bring yourself to


and admit you’re lonely

because it hurts


I know that hurt.


(The hurt you cannot

feel or notice,

because I am nothing

to you)


Maybe though, someday,

we could be

lonely together